Train Travel Spain

Train Travel Spain

is not only safe, convenient, reliable but affordable and with the high speed trains AVE available to major destinations within the Iberian Peninsula you can actually travel from Madrid to Cordoba or Seville for the day and be back in Madrid in time for dinner…RENFE is Spain’s State-owned major railway operator, they offer every level of rail service from local destinations to high-speed Inter City links to novelty trains such us the Medieval Train…

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Why Travel Spain by Train?

Make the best use of your time With the many destinations and flexible schedules available you can always find a train that suits your needs.  For journeys were the high speed rail is offered more often than not you will get to your destination quicker than flying and without any of the airport hassles. In addition, you can use your time on board to take in the scenery, read a book, or catch up on your sleep.


Get the best value for your money with a wide range of choices, whether it be a point to point ticket or a Rail Pass, you will find a solution for every budget.  Booking in advance means not having to wait in line at the station plus money in your pocket as many times you will find special offers online.

The best way to see Spain why spend your time flying over Spain, when you can lean back, relax and take in the scenery not to mention connect with other travelers and share your experiences….Train Travel Spain

  Travel stress relief - take the train

How about the Green Factor nowadays we are all a lot more conscious about our environment, did you know?

·      High speed rail travel produces up to 90% less CO2 emissions than similar modes of transport

·      Travel makes up 27% of greenhouse gas emissions in the European Community, of which CO2 accounts for 96%. By choosing rail, rather than car or plane travel, you can contribute to keeping those emissions to a minimum. For instance, a Eurostar journey from London to Paris emits 11.2kg of CO2, compared with 68.9kg for a plane journey between London and Paris.

·      Many high speed trains are powered by electricity, so they don’t emit carbon. Their carbon footprint is dependent on how they generate that electrical power.

·      Several of the train operators we work with, such as Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn (DB), have made a commitment to reduce their existing emissions even further. All Eurostar journeys are carbon-neutral at no extra cost to the traveler, thanks to offsetting. Deutsche Bahn buys only renewable energy from local sources.

So, by choosing to train travel when you’re in Spain, you’re helping to minimize carbon emissions!

What product is right for you?

When deciding what kind of ticket to purchase for your journey, remember the following:

A Rail Pass will be best if you are planning to travel by train more than twice and know the cities you want to visit.

A Point to Point Ticket will be best if you are only making one or two journeys. You will need to know your cities and your travel dates to make the booking ahead of time or you can go directly to the train station.

RENFE’s Punctuality Promise

RENFE train travel Spain is proud of its on-time performance so much so that they are willing to reimburse you part or all of your ticket under the following circumstances. 

Note: these are subject to change at any time but they are still good to know…

On most of the AVE trains – if the delay is between 16 to 30 minutes RENFE will reimburse you 50% of the ticket, delays over 30 minutes you should be reimbursed 100% of the cost of the ticket.  Except for the Madrid to Seville where if the train is more than 5 minutes late RENFE will reimburse you 100% of the cost.

On most Avant (Media Distancia – Alta Velocidad) which means medium distance high velocity trains – if the delay is over 5 minutes you will be reimbursed the cost of the ticket.

It is always very important to know your rights as a passenger so do your homework!

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