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WOW where to start, I always find it difficult to write about myself but here goes…I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain.  My upbringing was unique in the fact that my grandmother owned the apartment building where we lived in Madrid.  Our apartment was on the second floor, my great aunt also lived on this floor, I had aunts that lived on the third and sixth floor and my grandmother lived on the fifth floor.  It was great!  I remember getting mad at my parents and telling them I was running away from home and would just go upstairs to my aunt’s house.  I have one brother but twenty plus cousins so you can imagine there was always something going on in our family, the holidays in particular were magical…

All my life I have loved to travel I got the bug at an early age while traveling with my parents and later on my own.  I attended the Italian School in Madrid; in the summer time my parents would ship us off to camp in Italy so that we could practice Italian and then when we were older to England to better our English.  I think it was just an excuse for them to have time off without the children but it was excellent for us as we got to experience other cultures, food, and made wonderful friends along the way.  When I graduated high school I decided to attend college in the States so I moved to Florida where eventually I met my husband and stayed.  After I got my Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management, I interned for a company called Marketing Ahead that specializes in bookings of paradores, boutique hotels and other niche accommodations throughout Spain in addition to the luxury trains in Spain, so you may say that I am quite an expert when it comes to that….

I miss Spain terribly and my family mostly! Therefore Thomas (that’s my husband) and I try to go back at least once a year, he cannot live without the Spanish Tapas actually Spanish Food in general and cerveza Mahou in particular….so what better way than to tell you all about it.  With this website I want to share my travels throughout Spain, I want to acquaint you with the people of Spain, the places, the food and have you become part of my extended family…

Buen Viaje!  


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With a Law and History degree, former handball player and avid follower of the Atlético de Madrid I learned from my father the pleasure of traveling in Spain, enjoying its cuisine, historical heritage and nature.  I have been lucky to travel extensively throughout the peninsula always carrying with me the restaurant guide my father wrote “Viajar y Comer” (travel and eat) and a good pair of binoculars.  In recent years I became a fan of bird watching, something I like almost as much as I enjoy traditional Spanish cuisine.  I have always lived in Madrid, a city I know very well, above all its bars.  Walking around Madrid stopping for a glass of wine or beer accompanied by some tasty tapas along the way forms part of the art of living in Madrid.  I also love to cook and as a good Spaniard I make a mean paella.  I take pleasure in writing about my travels and encouraging those who will listen to come to Spain and experience this unique country for themselves.

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