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Spain Flight Tips…how to enjoy a transatlantic flight?

I have travelled extensively throughout my life and many of those flights were long and tedious.  From those experiences I have managed to put together a list of tips that might make your flight more enjoyable…  Most of us nowadays cannot afford to fly business, if you can, I highly recommend it!,  but that will not stop me from traveling and getting to experience wonderful places, food and cultures.   So here goes some tips that might help you get to your destination nice, relaxed and ready to go….

Before you get to the airport

Check in online if possible, this is not always available on international flights particularly with the increased security alerts. 

When booking your flight choose your seat carefully, this is totally a preference issue.  My husband and I always fight for the window seat (he wins all of the time!).  I like it better because I can rest my head and fall asleep easier.  Others would rather have the aisle seat so that when you need to get up to go to the restroom or stretch you do not bother anyone.  One thing I do know is never pick a non aisle mid section seat unless you are forced to or traveling in a big party.  The only time these seats are great is when the plane is mostly empty, then you can lay down across the seats and really rest.

Spain flight tips… try to get to the airport at least 2 hours in advance on international flights to allow yourself plenty of time to get through security.

Pack your luggage wisely especially your carry on bag, I suggest that you check out the Transportation Security Administration website for updates on carry on guidelines Spain Flight Tips.  Remember that you if you are carrying on toiletries they should be trial size (3.4 ounces or less), must fit comfortably in one quart size clear plastic bag and should be placed towards the top of the carry on bag for easy access.

Once you get to the airport

Check in at the counter and head to security

Due to the ever changing security alerts getting through security can be a little bit of a nightmare (to say the least).  Be prepared to have a lot of patience when going through this process, be ready to take your shoes off, take out your laptop and any other electrical devices…Make sure your carry on bag is packed neatly so there are no issues when the luggage is put through the X-ray machine.  Keep up to date with all of the latest hand luggage restrictions.

During the flight

First Rule Drink plenty of water!  The dry air in aircraft causes dehydration.

Take some healthy snacks on the plane.  Spain flight  tips… on my flights back from Spain I always purchase some good “bocadillos” as last hurrah!  They are much better than airplane food and you will be the envy of your fellow passengers.

Always bring a nice book, actually I do not leave home without my Kindle ( I can download as many books and travel guides as I want and no need to carry heavy books) and a nice pair of head phones. 

On transatlantic flights the flight crew will provide you with  a blanket and a pillow, but I always try to bring mine just in case.  

Get up once in a while to stretch your legs and get your circulation moving.   Walking up and down the aisle, and doing small twisting and stretching exercises in your seat all help to reduce discomfort, especially swelling in your legs and feet.

Again, make sure you drink plenty of water and try to stay away from sodas, coffee, tea and alcohol (you will thank me later).

Finally you are at your destination, now what?

I change the time on my watch as soon as I get to my destination, no more guessing what time it should be.  You will usually arrive in Spain during the day, as soon as you get to your lodging take a nice shower.   A shower not only freshens you up but gets the muscles and circulation going again, makes you feel much better and will get you ready for your upcoming adventure….

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