Andalucia Region

A brief guide to the beautiful Andalucia
region of Spain


The Andalucia region is
very well known outside of Spain, many a time its cities Granada,
Cordoba, Sevilla and its culture flamenco, bullfighting and fiestas have
been identified with the image that is Spain.  I am not surprised as it
is a region with a very strong personality that has enchanted travelers
throughout the world.  Undoubtedly, the strong presence of the legacy of
Arab rule (about 800 years) has given a unique character to its towns
and cities mainly to the three most famous Andalusian cities and theirandalucia-mezquita-de-cordoba
monuments:  the Alhambra in Granada, la Mezquita (Mosque) in Córdoba and
la Giralda in Sevilla.  But make no mistake Andalucía is deeply
Catholic, as shown by the beautiful Cathedrals of Seville, Granada and
Cádiz.  Some manifestations of popular religiosity have strong appeal,
as the Holy Week in Sevilla or the pilgrimage of El Rocío in Huelva.

From Andalucía sailed
the ships that discovered the Americas, Palos de Moguer, Huelva and from
Andalucía came the two capitals which ruled the Spanish American
Empire:  first Seville and later Cádiz.  Both of these cities offer
numerous examples of greatness from their past particularly Seville full
of palaces, churches and convents.

Travelers are always
enchanted by the towns of Andalucía, pueblos blancos (white towns),
cheerful, with flowers in the windows and courtyards.  Towns like
Mojácar and Níjar in Almería and Arcos de la Frontera in Cádiz. 
Mountain towns like Cazorla in Jaén, Ronda in Málaga and the Alpujarras
in Granada and Almería as well as fishing towns like Sanlúcar in Cádiz
or Marbella in Málaga.  Marbella, the capital
andalucia-view-of-rondaof the Costa del Sol, is
known around the world as an elite destination for jet setter.  Anyone
seeking quiet beaches should opt for those of the Atlantic Ocean in
Huelva or Cádiz or for the secluded beaches of the Parque Natural del
Cabo de Gata in Almeria.

The jewel of Spanish
and European nature is in Andalucía, el Parque Nacional de Doñana in
Huelva, a treasure visited in winter time by hundreds of thousands of
very peculiar tourists, birds migrating from Northern Europe in search
of milder climates.  Here you will also find the last of the lynx
species that survive in Spain.  Doñana is a National park located along
the coast while another very important national park lies in the
mountains of Granada, the Sierra Nevada, one of the most important ski
areas in Spain.

The variety of
landscapes in Andalucia region is astonishing from the desserts in Almería, to
the pine forests of C
the endless olive groves in Jaén, Sevilla and Cordoba and the highest
mountains of the Peninsula in Granada.  Let’s not forget the ocean in
Huelva, Cádiz, Málaga, Granada and Almería.

We must not forget the
Andalusian cuisine, no need to go on and on about it suffice is to
mention the succulent

Jamón de Jabugo
, the rich olive oil
and the Sherries from Jerez.  Olé!


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