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Spain Travel Guide…I have been asked many times what makes the Iberian Peninsula unique? My answer is always the same, the peninsula has something for everyone from pristine beaches to beautiful mountains, wonderful architecture and quaint villages but what most stands out is the warmth of its people, their traditions and culture not to mention the wonderful food!

I do not want this site to be another impersonal Spain Travel Guide but a place where I can share my experiences of traveling and discovering new places and traditions and others can share their own personal travel experiences with me.

I want to challenge my visitors, unleash them, to get to know the country’s other less known cities and picturesque locations, beaches, national parks, festivities, food…. not just the main cities such as Madrid or Barcelona (as amazing as they are).

The Spanish Peninsula with its privileged geographical location in the Southwest of Europe and its history of different cultures conquering one another and even coexisting together at times, have contributed to making the country diversely rich in its landscapes and cities, giving each of them their own unique characteristics. Spain is divided into regions they include:

These regions are varied in their language, culture, food recipes, festivals and art.

Are you ready to explore this wonderful country, its cities, its cuisine, accommodations, its folklore with me?

Let’s begin…..shall we?

Buen Viaje,

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